Teaming Up With Sara Gorman’s Pillbags This Summer!

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Teaming Up With Sara Gorman’s Pillbags This Summer!

You don’t look old; you might as well stop feeling old when you’re out in public, taking out that plastic pill box that you could barely manage to fit in your purse, set it quietly on the table, and somehow manage to open it, even though your aching wrists and fingers can barely rip it open.  You’re not that old, so why do you have to act like you are?  Well, the truth is, you don’t.  How?  Because Sara Gorman knows how you feel.  That’s why she began producing her own version of pill bags, for people with chronic illnesses, for people like you.  If you have to be sick, if you have to deal with Lupus, if you have to feel old on the inside every day of your life, you might as well not look old.  You might as well not have to reach into your purse and take out a plastic pill box filled with your medication that seems to make you look 30 years older than you really are.  You don’t have to feel so ashamed.

When Sara Gorman came to visit us in Memphis, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the way she had persevered through her disease, but it wasn’t just her perserverence that inspried me, but also her determination to help those around her that felt the same way she did.  The public didn’t offer a book to help her learn how to live with Lupus, and so she wrote one.  She wanted a blog that showed you how to get through life with Lupus, and so she started her own.    She was embarrassed to take her medications out in public, and so she developed her own Lupus-friendly pillbags that she could be proud of.

How are the bags so Lupus friendly?   They feature a high quality fabric that unfolds into seven zip pockets, separated into night and day sections.  The zippers have large rings attached to make openeing the pockets easy, in case Lupus has been attacking your hands or fingers.  The clasp is secure, and you do not have to worry about your pills spilling all over your purse.  Also, you do not have to worry about carrying a clunky box that makes you look twice your age.  Sara Gorman also designed a pillpouch that will carry your prescription bottles (up to 6).

The Lupus Endeavor is proud to team up with such  an amazing woman as Sara Gorman and such an amazing product.  Starting today until the end of August, 5% of the money made on the pillbags will be donated to our organization.  You don’t look that old, so why are you making yourself feel that old?

Closer Look at the pillpouch:

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Closer look at the pillfold:


Purchase a Sara Gorman pillbag today.  Help find a cure while traveling in style!  Click Here.

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