Johns Hopkins Lupus Center

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Johns Hopkins Lupus Center

Maybe you are wondering why, out of all the potential candidates to send money for Lupus Research, we chose the John Hopkins Lupus Center.  There are actually several reasons for this.

First, donating money to a Lupus organization does not always mean donating to Lupus research, but rather, the Lupus cause in general, which is great.  However, the Lupus Endeavor was built with the primary purpose of raising enough money for a cure.  All donations that go to the Lupus Endeavor will be going straight to this research when given to the Johns Hopkins Lupus Center, and nowhere else.

Second, my family has personal experience with this center.  My mom had the incredible opportunity of being formally diagnosed and treated there.  Not only was she extremely impressed with the services provided, but with the general knowledge and passion for the disease.  Your donations are being put into good hands, will be used wisely and efficiently, and will ultimately help find a cure sometime in the future.

We are proud to support Johns Hopkins Lupus Center.

To find out more about the Center, Click Here.

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