Help us find a cure for Lupus.

What Lupus is:

Lupus is an autoimmune disease.  Your immune system functions to fight off  harmful invaders that enter the body. In Lupus, heathy tissues are attacked as if they were the invaders.   Any tissue or organ is at risk.   Commonly affected areas are the skin, joints, kidneys, heart, lungs, and brain.   Lupus can look different in each individual patient.  The symptoms and lab tests will vary depending on which areas of the body are under attack.

Why we need your help:

Currently, there is not very much awareness for Lupus, and further, the diagnostic tools are limited.  Because of this, patients may wait several years before being diagnosed with Lupus.  By helping us raise awareness, the process of receiving a diagnosis will become more efficient.  More importantly, additional awareness and passion for this disease is necessary to raise enough money for a cure.  All donations will be going straight to research at the Johns Hopkins Lupus Center, and nowhere else.

How to stay connected:

The Lupus Endeavor is always up to something, whether it be making videos, meeting new people, or even answering questions.  Keep in touch by reading our blog, following us on twitter, or contacting us by email.

How to get involved right now:

Buy a shirt from our Shop and wear it whenever you get the chance!

Donate to help us find a cure!

If you are suffering from Lupus, send us your story.  You could be featured in a blog post to help get the word out and to help people understand the ruthless nature of this disease. 

Thanks for your support and for helping us make a difference!

A special thanks to Chris Kerstell for inspiring and deeply influencing my family through his example and thankful attitude despite his battle with ALS